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  • Purple Heart ‘Lorna’

    An unusual little number… the Purple Heart wood for this guitar originates from Brazil where it is widely used and valued for its extraordinary strength. Although extremely challenging to work with, its iridescent nature makes it well worth the effort!

  • ‘Avalon’ Ash

    The ‘Avalon’ Ash was built for a lover of ash trees whose concern for their future led him to commission me to make him a guitar with English ash. The result is a beautiful and incredibly resonant instrument with intricate inlay work honouring the English ash tree. A unique and powerful guitar.

  • English Elm ‘Zephyr’

    This is the smallest of the models I make and pretty much the smallest steel string I have seen other than the various travel guitars that are on the market.

  • Sapele Spruce ‘Avalon’

    This Avalon model is fairly subtle in its aesthetic appearance, but the tried and tested combination of sapele back and sides with spruce top on this mini jumbo-sized guitar, was born with a beautiful warm, rounded tone and great projection that is sure to only improve with age.

  • Reclaimed Mahogany ‘Tullo’

    This is my take on the ‘parlour’ guitar. A wider, lower bout than the average parlour which helps in achieving its surprising bass response and impressive volume for what is really quite a small bodied guitar.