Professional, high quality guitar maintenance services

Guitar Repair and Setup

All guitars – whether acoustic or electric, classical or nylon strung – suffer from the effects of string tension and the changing seasons.  This means that they frequently require some TLC to sound their best.  I can undertake a full or partial set-up of your guitar and can repair anything from split and cracked bodies, to snapped necks or headstocks. I can re-fret, replace nuts, saddles and machine heads, fit pick-ups, and even customise your beloved guitar with inlay work. You name it, the chances are I can fix it!

As an accomplished guitarist and gigging musician myself, I am ideally placed to offer a high quality and professional set-up, repair and general maintenance service that will get your guitar back to sounding its best. For my full set up service, if you are not entirely satisfied with the results, I will persevere until you are… or your money back!

Guitar Repair and Setup Booking

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