Beautiful custom-made instruments from Somerset, England

Handmade Acoustic Guitars

Avalon Ash guitar album cover

I produce handmade acoustic guitars from scratch, using the finest, sustainably sourced and, wherever possible, reclaimed woods that I can find.  I work out of my purpose-built workshop in the village of Wookey in Somerset, England where I create original, bespoke instruments, designed and made-to-order with any style, design or preference catered for.

“Nathan Ball has a talent for making guitars. For an excellent, individual instrument I would highly recommend his work”I aim to build instruments of the highest quality both aesthetically and sonorously. Whilst observing and using tried and tested traditional methods, I strive to push the boundaries of conventional building in my quest to design and produce unusually responsive and tonally rich guitars. Having been a professional guitarist for the past 15 years, I use my playing experience as a benchmark and know that a guitar is only up to standard when it pains me to let it leave the workshop!

I am experienced in using ‘traditional’ timbers but my main passion is building with woods that are readily available to me and native to the land in which I am building them. I have had great success with English Ash and Elm and am currently experimenting with English Oak as a back and side material.

These woods are all beautiful in their own right and although their natural ‘tap tone’ might not be as impressive and obvious a choice in lending themselves to instrument building as their exotic brothers and sisters, I believe that when worked correctly, utilising the appropriate design considerations (especially with regard to bracing and side construction) these ‘lowly’ English timbers can sing up there with the best of them!

After all, wasn’t the late, great Antonio Torres famed for making a guitar with paper mache back and sides to prove that very point? Regardless, I am confident that given the opportunity, my instruments will speak for themselves…