A word from my customers


  • Tommy Sands, Internationally acclaimed Irish folk musician & peace activist

    Photo on 2013-04-01 at 11.49

    “The guitar Nathan built me has a rare fragile powerfulness”

  • Tom Newman, Platinum award winning record producer of ‘Tubular Bells’

    Tom Newman playing his guitar

    “I find myself privileged in the extreme to be the owner of Nathan’s Acoustic No 001.  I loved watching him make it – his dedication to sacred geometry was followed through scrupulously, and I was determined to own one of his guitars as soon as I could afford it.  When I played it I found myself not intimidated, but extremely comfortable, it felt like I had owned it for years and years, in fact like I had always owned it, so I had to make him an offer he couldn’t refuse! Luckily he didn’t and I now never need to hanker after another acoustic!”

  • Richard Moyes, Collector of fine art

    Richard Moyes playing his guitar

    “Nathan Ball made me a ‘parlour’ size guitar in late 2012 – a guitar that is both highly responsive and has a well balanced tone from top to bottom.  Nathan clearly understands guitars and has a strong sense of what makes a guitar a pleasure to play and to hear.  The process of ongoing discussion, from initial specifications, updates on progress, selection of specific hardware, to delivery and set up were very enjoyable.  They also gave a clear sense of the thought, time and effort that have gone into the process of production.  Nathan Ball has a talent for making guitars.  For an excellent, individual instrument I would highly recommend his work.”