English Elm ‘Zephyr’

This is the smallest of the models I make and pretty much the smallest steel string I have seen other than the various travel guitars that are on the market. It was a real experiment this one, a slow build not intended for anyone in particular so I took the opportunity to try some new methods.

I see now why elm isn’t top of the list (in fact, quite possibly crossed off the list!) of choice guitar woods… but it really is visually stunning and this build taught me a great deal. That said, I’m very happy with the results.  The guitar is a lot louder than I was expecting and is wonderfully responsive – probably as a result of me pushing the boundaries when it comes to thinning a cedar top, but sometimes you have to cross the line to know where it is!

With all these lessons on board I look forward to using the remaining supply of elm I still have – which, incidentally, used to be one of the floorboards in the oldest house in Somerset (c.1242).

  • Elm guitar full front

  • Elm headstock

  • Elm guitar bridge

  • Elm polished front

#11 Model: ‘Zephyr’
English Elm Back and sides with a Cedar top
1 piece Sapele neck
12 frets to body and solid wood side lamination
Ebony bridge and finger board
Brass with Ebony buttoned 20:1 tuners
650mm scale