Reclaimed Mahogany ‘Tullo’

This is my take on the ‘parlour’ guitar. A wider, lower bout than the average parlour which helps in achieving its surprising bass response and impressive volume for what is really quite a small bodied guitar. The back and sides of this one are made from reclaimed mahogany rescued by my dad just before being thrown into a skip as a worthless old door lintel!

  • view of top of Tullo model

  • Reclaimed Mahogany guitar

  • view of bottom of guitar

  • Reclaimed Mahogany guitar

#5 Model: ‘Tullo’ Parlour
Reclaimed Mahoghany back and sides with a Cedar top
5 piece Sapele/Mahoghany neck
Ebony bridge and finger board
Brass with Ebony buttoned 20:1 tuners
648mm scale, 14 frets to body
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  1. Carlos Juan Berastegui-Sampedro

    I have seen the precious guitars you build my question is What is the price? Can have I one of these beauties?
    All the best, Carlos Juan Berástegui

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